Generations of Faith.

Since 1925

About Us

The Manipal Group is an industrial conglomerate that originated in Manipal, India (About 65 km from Mangalore). The Group advocates the principle of collective efforts towards collective prosperity. Conscious of the modern demands of contemporary corporate well-being, the Group strives to practice the idea of pooling of “Many Pals”.

Our Vision

•Create an Entrepreneur in every person.
•Build the “Manipal Group” brand.

Our Mission

•Reinforce the conviction of a common goal.
•Give employees confidence and capabilities to place quality ahead of profitability.
•Inspire them to perceive integrity as an integral constituent of intelligent hard work and concentrate on achievement of defined objectives.

Core Values

•Stand by the Customer, no matter what the odds.
•Value and Respect people
•Foster the attitude of mutual trust and understanding.
•Deal with Customers, Suppliers and Employees with the highest level of integrity.
•Look beyond customer satisfactions: strive for customer delight.

Our Values

Our Values
•Aexcellence in everything we do.
•Build partnerships
•Innovate constantly
•Provide simplified and cost effective solutions in a timely manner.

Group Companies

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