The Founding Fathers of Manipal

The city of Manipal was founded by four brothers popularly known as the “PAIS of MANIPAL”. They hailed from a small village called “TONSE” which was one of the villages of a cluster called “Kallianpur”.


Purushottam Pai

  • Idealist
  • Moral Leadership

Upendra Pai

  • Innovative Ideas
  • Builder
  • Banking & Finance
  • Practical Politician

Dr. TMA Pai

  • Doctor
  • Businessman
  • Leader

Raghunath Pai

  • Trustworthy
  • Efficient executioner

Necessity is the mother of invention and nobody exemplifies this better than these four siblings

  • Hard work
  • Dedication
  • Sincerity
  • Common sense

These were some of the basic tenets used by them to build this city and also the country.


The group philosophy is roti, kapda, makan.


The Ideal Village

It all started in the early 1900s when Mr. T Upendra Pai purchased a hillock of 107 acres of land. This barren land was surrounded by thick forests and had lake  which was full of clay.

Mr. Upendra Pai's dream was to create a self sufficient village that met people's basic needs.