Careers at Manipal Group

At Manipal, there are many opportunities for freshers and experienced professionals at any point in their career. We welcome professionals from diverse industries and background to enrich knowledge and bring new perspectives.

Hiring process

We seek professionals through recruitment consultants, internal references from existing employees and through portals.

For Senior Management positions, candidates are interviewed by the Head of the Department of the business and Human Resource. The final Interview is conducted by the Managing Director of the Manipal Group.

For Middle Management role, we invite the promising applicants who are interviewed by the Senior Manager of the department. The next round the Department Head along with the Human Resource Manager will interview. The candidate will be finally interviewed by the CEO of that group company. Offers are made soon after the Third round of Interview.

Growth Opportunities

Many of our executives joined the Manipal group at the beginning or midpoint of their careers have worked their way to the top through series of promotions. Our existing talent is groomed through regular Training and Mentoring for Senior position or the next level of the position.

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